Domain Name

man-person-apple-iphone-largeThere are millions of people that use the internet every day. Many people enjoy playing online and sharing information. There are some laws that govern the internet that few people know about. These laws were designed to keep people safe and to protect copyrighted information.

Law practice management needs to build a website and they are given a domain name. This domain name is than registered to the company or the individual. This will also protect their logo or trademark. This is than protected just like the logo and the brand name of company’s offline is protected. If someone uses this copyrighted material without permission than this is in violation of the copyright laws. A person will have to take their unauthorized use or site down. They can also face prosecution and even civil lawsuits. There used to be a big problem with illegal music sharing. Songs were being shared from peer to peer without the artist getting compensation for their music. Napster was one the biggest music downloading sites that was found to be violating copyright laws and users got fined thousands of dollars.

Hacking is another unlawful activity that is common on the internet. Hackers log into bank accounts, digital record systems, and other databases in order to obtain personal information about a person. The leak of this information can lead to identify theft and other crimes. Hacking is against the law. It is also unlawful to create computer viruses and infect another computer with the intent to cause harm or to destroy it.
The use of spyware is also unlawful. This is the collection of a person’s information and data without their knowledge or consent . It is against the law to collect information by means of fraudulent ways and use it with the intent of committing fraud.

In an effort to make the internet safe for everyone to use there are sex crime laws that are taken very seriously. If a person is coffee-apple-iphone-laptop-largefound to be in possession of child pornography or if they intend to share this pornography they are in serious trouble and will have to face legal consequences. The same is true if a person has bestiality on their internet enable device or is intending to share it. It is also illegal to solicit minors. This can mean finding minors in places such as chat room and trying to peruse them into sexual activity. Even if there is no physical contact just the exchange of pornographic words and messages a person can find themselves in deep legal trouble. Sites that display pornography also have the legal responsibility to ensure that no minors are viewing the adult material on these sites.

These are just some of the internet laws designed to keep the internet a safe place for millions of users. While every transaction is cannot be monitored there are some general rules that if a person breaks they can get in a lot of legal trouble based on their internet activity.